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Desire for jewellery. It’s a craft and a passion.

Recently I read an article by Venessa Lau, “Belle of the Fall: Top 2012 Style Trends That Jewelers Need to Know” . She quotes Amanda Gizzi, director of communications at Jewelers of America, “It’s about bringing flash back, and the majority of people will be doing that with their jewelry. This is the time to catch their attention.”

This is one reason why I wear jewellery. To put my sparkle on…to stand out…to show the world this is me and if it is a piece of jewellery that is distinctive or out of the ordinary, then the happier I am.

Further in the article, Venessa quotes Amanda again, “This desire for something handcrafted is going to carry over through 2013,” says Gizzi. “People had to cut back during the hard economic times. They’re ready for something different.”

As an Etsy seller: AB Designs   I regularly see the beautiful, handcrafted pieces which cannot be found in the high street and more than often they are as affordable. So, whatever the style, whatever the budget, there’s unique jewellery out there and I intend to find the little gems, mainly because…I just LOVE bling!

Gorgeous cream delights from Etsy

First, a Cuff bracelet in ivory, burgundy Asian cherry blossom, handmade cuffs by theshagbag on Etsy

As cuffs are in trend at the moment, thought this would be a lovely buy.

A beauty for your finger! Recycled Glass and Clay Crackle Ring – Cream by Crackled Up

Following the circle theme- Circle Art Necklace – Mocha & Cream by NYStyle

Affordable jewellery in Autumn 2012 fashion colours.

Jewellery designer of the week

Alexandra Simpson

As soon as I saw the beautiful Art Nouveau pieces, I fell in love.

The flower sets come in a very close second!

Enjoy 😉


Feathery fashion. Jewellery project.

The Summer/Autumn trends include all things natural; feathers, leaves…but also an item associated with the the Native Americans: dreamcatcher.

My idea uses feathers combined with silver plated wire.


Feathers, silver plated wire- medium and fine, crimping beads, jump rings, pliers, crimping pliers, wire cutters

1. The feathers I used can be bought at a craft shop but need to be changed. I cut the fluffy bit off and left a 1 mm stub. Cut a small length of fine silver plated wire.

2. Put the crimp over the stub on the feather. Thread the bent wire through the crimp so it is on the reverse side of the feather. Leave a suitable size wire hoop and crimp the bead onto the feather. Cut the ends of the wire flush with the crimp bead.

3 & 4.  Repeat for 4 complete feathers. Thread onto ear wires for a quick project OR..

5. Cut a length of medium wire. To make a circle, I wrap the wire tightly around a circular object approx the size I want the circle to be e.g. a plastic top to a bottle. Cut enough wire for two circles.

6. I added some glass seed beads to separate the feathers later on. Using pliers, bend the ends round into a spiral.

7. Cut a length of silver plated wire.  Bring the two curved ends together. Wrap the wire around the two ends where they touch.

8. The fun part the spider-like web. I created a very simple and quick design but the possibilities go on. Perhaps, threading seed beads onto the fine wire as I did in the heart pendant on  AB Designs– Etsy.

9. Using jump rings, add the feathers and the ear wires to complete the earrings.

10. The finished pair!

A fashionable project that took less than an hour.