Recycled Art Nouveau Style Pendant

This is the first of my posts for found object jewellery.

Originally, this was part of the dial of weighing scales. I haven’t change it much.

1. Drilled a hole. 2. Sprayed the plastic. 3. Hung on a silver chain.

A really easy but stunning pendant.





My bible of ideas.

Ever since I can remember I have used a sketchbook. I use it even more now because my mum brain doesn’t like retaining information! and for my busines: AB Designs . I scribble ideas or designs which pop in my head.


I recommend a sketchbook to everyone who wants to make things- I couldn’t live without it!

Hello world!

Sanity..something for me as a mum..wanting to be part of the modern world…the list goes on for my reasons to be a blogger and it’s not like the world needs a new blog! BUT, the world is about sharing ideas and that is what I do best- share ideas. So, here is my blog- I hope you enjoy it