What’s the Pinterest in that?

How ever you use Pinterest, it is addictive! With good intentions, I set myself a time limit of 30 mins to find and pin images on my boards but 3 hours later, I’ve wandered onto another board with fabulous images. I like to use Pinterest for research into the current favourite jewellery pins and to develop my own ideas- every designer needs inspiration!

These boards I love to browse!


flowwbeautifulShouroukJill Auville



Pearl and Diamond Mood Swings Rings - Nada G - Product Search - JCK MarketplaceGoshwara "Mischief"Peacock #bangle by Zoe Hardingsterling silver with rose gold and white sapphire




Coral Tie Necklace, 18"L by Herve Van Der Straeten at Neiman Marcus.opalsJean Paul Gaultier Black Magic


Pia-sommerlad - HaematitketteHermann Junger - Necklace (1957). Gold, emeralds, sapphire, rubies, moonstone, enamel.Barbara McLeodTodd Reed

Try it! 🙂



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