Part recycled pretty pendant project.

The sun is shining and the smiles are wide. It’s blog day!

This project uses some common everyday materials and others which you may need to buy.

They can all be changed to suit your needs or style.

The heart bottom left, is the one made in this project but the picture includes 2 other examples made with different materials.

Materials list: colouring pens, doodle design book, scissors, glue, pencil, pen, heart cookie cutter, sewing thread, different widths of needles, sparkly paper, plastic milk bottle, glass seed beads.

  1. Choose a design you like.
  2. Draw around the heart and colour.
  3. Stick sparkly paper on the reverse side of the pattern

4. Using the washed plastic milk bottle, make 2 heart shapes by drawing around the cookie shape and cut out.

5. Put the plastic hearts either side of the paper heart and make holes through the 3 layers around the edge of the shape.

6. Take care the layers don’t slide around!

7. (picture 1) After making a knot, thread a bead.

8. (picture 2) With the front side facing up, thread the needle through the hole to the back of the heart. Bring the needle back up through the next

hole and thread another bead.

9. (picture 3) Thread the needle back through the same hole, missing the bead.  Continue this process.

10. (picture 4) A neat line of thread should be visible on the back of the heart shape.

11. (picture 5) On the last bead, I threaded the needle through and back one extra time for strength, wrapping the thread around the thread

already there from the first bead to keep it in place.- this is optional!

12. (picture 6). Once the last bead is in place, pass the needle to the front of the shape, through the hole for the 1st bead BUT do not take it through

the bead,  it should come out from under it- as in the picture. Cut the thread leaving plenty spare. Take the 2 ends of the thread, tie together

and pull tight to create a knot under the bead, out of sight.  Repeat for strength.

13. (picture 7) The nearly finished pendant.

14. (picture 8) Using a large width needle, make the hole for the jump ring larger. Thread and close the jump ring.

The pink pendant has fine, silver plated wire as the thread. The other has wool.

As well as pendants, other jewellery can be made.

I have adapted and used this idea for AB Designs jewellery on Etsy.

I hope you enjoy using and developing this idea.


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