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Feathery fashion. Jewellery project.

The Summer/Autumn trends include all things natural; feathers, leaves…but also an item associated with the the Native Americans: dreamcatcher.

My idea uses feathers combined with silver plated wire.


Feathers, silver plated wire- medium and fine, crimping beads, jump rings, pliers, crimping pliers, wire cutters

1. The feathers I used can be bought at a craft shop but need to be changed. I cut the fluffy bit off and left a 1 mm stub. Cut a small length of fine silver plated wire.

2. Put the crimp over the stub on the feather. Thread the bent wire through the crimp so it is on the reverse side of the feather. Leave a suitable size wire hoop and crimp the bead onto the feather. Cut the ends of the wire flush with the crimp bead.

3 & 4.  Repeat for 4 complete feathers. Thread onto ear wires for a quick project OR..

5. Cut a length of medium wire. To make a circle, I wrap the wire tightly around a circular object approx the size I want the circle to be e.g. a plastic top to a bottle. Cut enough wire for two circles.

6. I added some glass seed beads to separate the feathers later on. Using pliers, bend the ends round into a spiral.

7. Cut a length of silver plated wire.  Bring the two curved ends together. Wrap the wire around the two ends where they touch.

8. The fun part the spider-like web. I created a very simple and quick design but the possibilities go on. Perhaps, threading seed beads onto the fine wire as I did in the heart pendant on  AB Designs– Etsy.

9. Using jump rings, add the feathers and the ear wires to complete the earrings.

10. The finished pair!

A fashionable project that took less than an hour.


Autumn red and gold macrame bracelet project.

With earthy colours as a fashion trend for Autumn 2012, the red and gold sit nicely in that trend and macrame is a fashionable technique at the moment for making jewellery.


Elastic cord, large hole beads, 2 metal plates with 3 holes and scissors.

Again, I used Micro Macrame Jewellery by Suzen Millodot published by Search Press

The top three images create the square knot.

Here are my instructions as well!

1. Cut 4 long lengths of elastic cord and tie onto plates.

2. To start the square knot take the right hand strand over the top of the middle two strands and under the left hand strand.

3. Now, take the left hand strand under the middle two strands and through the loop left by the right hand strand.

4. Pull tight-ish!

5. Take the right hand strand under the middle two strands and over the left hand strand.

6. Now take the left hand strand over the middle two strands and through the loop left by the right hand strand.

7. Pull tight. Keep repeating the process until…














The real steel – quick jewellery project

This project took me approx 10-15 mins- super quick!


A length of metal rod, coloured metal wire, large hole beads and heart pendant (plastic),  wire cutters, super glue, round-nose pliers

I have used a pre-cut piece of metal rod.

1. Cut a long length of coloured metal wire (approx 25 cm).

2. Use pliers to curl the end of the wire.

3. Make a jump ring to hang the heart.

4. Start at one end and slowly bend the wire around the rod.

5. At intervals ,thread the beads onto the rod and wrap the wire around them to keep in place.

6. To finish, create a loop by bending the wire over the top of the rod, then curl the end of the wire again.

7. Use tiny dabs of super glue along the rod to keep the coloured wire in place.

8.  Hang the heart from the wire curl at the bottom of the pendant using the jump ring.

Leave to dry.

You can change many aspects of this pendant to enhance your own style.


Simple, quick and minimalist style pendant project.

A project which is simple both in style and making.

It also can be changed and adapted to suit your style.


A large chain link, a can of spray paint, scissors, aluminium silver foil tape, copper foil tape.

1. Spray the link and let it dry.

2. Cut a small piece of silver/ copper tape and stick around the join in the link.

3. Use tape to decorate as needed.

Hang on a chain for a classic look.


Bolt style

As “Bolt” is the word at the moment, after the 2012 Olympics, I thought maybe a little project using…that’s right…bolts!

The first is so easy but effective.

Small bolts, super glue, jump rings and ear wires.

When gluing the bolts together, I use very little and wipe the excess of with a cloth.

The next project takes a bit longer.

A macrame bracelet using bolts and wool.

The instructions for the spiral knot are easy to follow in Micro Macrame Jewellery by Suzen Millodot.

My instructions include adding the bolt to the bracelet.

1.  Use 4 strands of your chosen colour wool at approx 50 cm. Tie a loose knot at the end. Separate the strands.

2. Take the right hand strand over the middle two and under the left strand.

3. Take the left hand strand under the middle two and up through the crossed over right strand. Pull tight.

4. Thread a bolt onto the two middle strands and push up to the macrame knot. Repeat the process.

5. To make threading the bolt easier, wrap a small piece of tape around the ends of the wool strands.

Now to complete the bracelet.

1. Untie the loose knot made at the beginning. Take the left hand strand and middle strand and tie a knot. Do the same with the other two strands.

Repeat several times until each side measures approx. 1 cm.

2. Take both sides and tie together to make a loop. Cut the excess wool off.

3.  At the other end, thread one of the bolt flowers onto the four strands. Make sure it goes through the middle hole.  Take all four strands and make

a knot, pushing it up to meet the bolt flower.

4. Cut the excess wool off to make the bolt flower toggle.

The finished bracelet catches the light and hangs nicely on the wrist.

Another bolt flower could be added half way along the bracelet to give a different design.

I enjoyed making the bracelet. It was calming, the result was satisfying and it took less than an hour.